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VRPhysio: Redefine Therapy

We are excited to share our latest production! VRPhysio is here to redefine physical therapy as we know it, this is an amazing new platform that uses virtual reality to help physical therapist and patients in the rehabilitation process. Truly groundbreaking stuff.

I had a blast writing the script and directing this project, my producer Max Potter made sure everything ran smoothly, Pablo Minier as cinematographer took the vision we agreed upon in pre-production and took it to the next level and our animator Brad Leyden efficiently communicated how everything works with didactical animations.

Our goal is to make every project a cinematic experience, touch people and connect with the audience, I think we did just that sharing stories about pain, frustration and the drag that physical therapy becomes when we have to do it a home alone and the uncomfortable experience of having to do repetitive exercises at the PT office. Then we explain how VRPhysio is here to help and change how we view and execute physical therapy, I mean having fun while doing rehab, who would've thought?

We are very proud of the final cut and we look forward to all the amazing accomplishments this company will achieve in the near future. Check out their website for more information, launch date, and pricing.


The Videology Co. Crew:

Director/Script: Jorge Cruz Producer: Max Potter Cinematographer: Pablo Minier Animation: Brad Leyden Editing: Jorge Cruz PA/Audio: Daniel Meyers PA: Eduardo Garzon

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