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The former med student that became a filmmaker and a teacher

I have this distinct memory when I was 9 years old. Picture this: it's lunchtime and the whole family is sitting down, great food, beautiful summer day and we are all eating while a small tv plays a surgery that my dad performed a couple of days prior. My dad doing the play-by-play of his actions and studying what he could do better the next time. We all ate and watch the surgery alongside my father. We all laughed when he fast-forwarded the tape, he said: "look how fast I can go!".This was very normal in my house.

So yes, I grow up in a family of doctors. I went to med school myself for about 4 years and some change, but I was too sensitive to deal with death as a daily thing and I knew that what I really wanted to do was to go to film school. My father was the dad that always had a video camera with him on every trip we made and I was always ready to take over the "cameraman" position. Everything looked more fun through the camera's viewfinder.

Fast-forward to the early 2000's and I find myself studying TV production in Madrid and later earned a film degree from the New School University in NYC. I got into teaching film, running workshops for indie filmmakers, I loved it.

A decade later I moved to Boston and decided to combine all my passions: filmmaking, medicine and teaching, all into one. I luckily surrounded myself by talented partners that are looking to do amazing things in the healthcare, biomedical and biotech fields through amazing high-quality videos. This is how The Videology Company is born.

We've decided to shift from strictly producing film and commercial content to creating engaging and important videos for these fields. It feels necessary and much needed and we are very excited about what awaits ahead.

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