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Educational videos for med students

I remember the first time I stepped into a hospital as a med student, the nervousness that took over me and that recurring thought of “be cool dude, remember what you’ve learned”. I was quickly surrounded by intimidating doctors with their shiny new stethoscopes, and busy nurses dealing with the high-pace environment of a hospital. We all seemed so out of place and green.

It takes some time to shake those nerves off, and mistakes are made because of this, we try to not mess things up and do them just right so we can impress our teachers, and classmates. Going blank when a simple question is asked or forgetting how to properly put on a sterile glove are perfect examples of what I witnessed.

Visualization is a big part in med school, from the anatomy atlas to the pathology slides, the students rely on visual tools to comprehend the human body when is healthy or sick. This is where I see video coming in on big way.

Let’s just say that they day your teacher taught how to put on a sterile glove, was just not your day, you went to bed late studying or you were out sick. You missed a very simple but important part of your training, for moment there you have fallen behind your class, which is far from ideal on med school.

What if you had access to a short video that can walk you through this process in a minute or so? Something you could watch on your phone on the way to class and catch up with the rest. We took the liberty of producing some videos of this nature, like this one:

Now imagine having a full library of these short videos (some longer than others), it would be like having hundreds of short classes on your phone for your crazy med school schedule. You can refresh your knowledge quickly and efficiently without having to open up a book or bothering someone in class. This applies for RNs as well.

I know, I know, we have some of those videos out there on YouTube and other places, but I’m talking about high-quality videos here, revised by our medical advisers, with crisp audio and great animations, that motivates and engages the student, helping him to retain and understand.

There is no reason why medical videos should look sub-par, but unfortunately a lot of them do. Let’s change that.

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