Presenting the Pulse@Masschallenge Mini-Doc

Boston is filled with talented, hard-working, and amazing people dedicated to making healthcare better through digital health. How do we know? For the last 4 months we have been capturing the journey of more than 30 digital health startups, a cohort of companies from all over selected to be part of the Pulse@Masschallenge program.

Last year, when I came across Pulse and their focus I was intrigued and very curious, I mean when I read that they were backing companies with offices, connections, resources, exposure and many more with no equity attached, I was like, wuuuuut?

I had to see it for myself, and along with my partners we went to our first Pulse event, we soaked in the energy, the vibrant atmosphere, and we decided that this needed to be captured. After reaching out to Nick and the Pulse team we quickly landed on the same page with the same goal, let's do a mini documentary about this amazing time in Boston.

As a filmmaker I'm very happy and proud of this 3-part documentary, this is a moment in the history of this great city that needed to be recorded, I believe that this is the beginning of a wonderful life-changing journey for many entrepreneurs, and that we had the pleasure of interviewing the future leaders of the evolving digital health movement.

They are tireless warriors determined to change the healthcare world, and we loudly applaud them.

Tonight along with the cohort, the Pulse team, and a sold-out Wilbur Theater we get to watch our hard work on a big screen, before we learn who are the winners. It's going to be a beautiful night.

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