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The Videology Co.'s first shoot of 2017

The year began with bang! We took on our first project of the year and are already midway into post-production. The excitement was there; even for a veteran of this field, this shoot meant the world to me. Looking at my partners working so hard and in tune with one and another, smiles everywhere and the constant feeling of “we are doing great!” was a true breath of fresh and energetic air.

From the get go, our pre-production flowed smoothly for the most part and any hiccup along the way was handled immediately and with professionalism. Some people say that Murphy’s law was invented for video shoots, so many things tend to go wrong as soon as you turn on the camera. In this case we did what we needed to do a as a crew to overcome any roadblock on the way provided by our old friend Murphy.

As a director I’m beyond happy with the performances of the actors, my hardworking crew and the relaxed and positive environment we manage to maintain throughout the entire production. There is a strong bond that grows in every shoot and a chemistry that develops like no other.

Having a respectful, professional and proactive client is crucial to a positive outcome, our experience with VRPhysio founder Eran Orr has been one of harmony, teamwork and having the common goal of producing a video that we all feel proud of.

Now is time to put together the story, adjust the colors, mix the audio and share our baby with the world.

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