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Pulse@Masschallenge documentary

About 5 months we came up with the idea of capturing some of the great stuff that was happening at PULSE, after attending to a couple of events last year, we were surprise to meet so many talented and hard-working people, all of them trying to change, better or disrupt the healthcare world.

From apps that help save lives, to the introduction of virtual reality in physical therapy, we were overwhelmed with the amount entrepreneurs focused on changing the world, all of them together under the PULSE roof.

We decided to pitch this idea to Nick Dougherty who gladly jumped on board along with his team. It has been a pleasure to work with them capturing the struggles, the sacrifices and the importance of PULSE as the number one accelerator in the world today for health related startups. Jenni, Jorge and Gonzalo have been of amazing support in this entire process.

It's been an honor to interview all the CEOs, founders and dreamers, and as we go in-depth about their journey we discover that they all have one thing in common, they all really care about people's well-being.

They can't help but to try to fix problems that shouldn't exist anymore, from organizing the entire surgical department of a hospital with the reps, to having your end-of-life decisions logged and ready, to connecting nurses and doctors on a efficient messaging platform, we applaud their efforts and admire their drive.

The PULSE Finale is going down on June 13 at The Wilbur, we'll know who the winners are, but before that we'll introduce our short documentary about the process to the audience, something that has our team really pumped, and ready to deliver a great piece.

You can find tickets for such event here.

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