Making a Difference Through Video

One of the core aspects of the Videology Co. mission statement is the idea of using video to make a difference. The original idea was that by improving video materials used in the healthcare world we would be increasing the overall effectiveness of medical training and promotion to help new ideas and products reach people and save lives. Our outlook in this regard hasn’t changed; we still do hope to play a role, however indirect it may seem at first, in elevating healthcare to a new level.

But there’s another, more direct way video can be used to make a difference that I didn’t initially consider during the genesis of the company. Nonprofit organizations that are doing great work in the Boston area need professional, eye catching video to gain traction just like any other organization or company, but by their nature, nonprofits generally spend their money on the communities they serve rather than on self-promotion. This provides an amazing opportunity for a new, local production company to reach out and make a difference for these great organizations by offering video services pro-bono.

I’ve started doing some research into some Boston-based nonprofits that provide free self-defense classes to women to empower victims of assault and prevent future attacks, and the value of these organizations cannot be overstated. Our director Jorge has worked as an instructor for similar organizations using his martial arts background, so this is a natural starting point for us given the personal attachment to the cause and the health and wellness focus of these types of classes. It’s certainly not the end though, as the well of healthcare related nonprofits runs deep in Boston and we hope to work with as many of them as we can to become a small part of the incredible work they do.

Of course, we need to pay the bills and we can’t work exclusively on free productions for nonprofits. However, one of our goals going into 2017 is to reach out to these organizations any way we can to not only help in their endeavors, but to meet some of the amazing people in our community who dedicate their lives to helping others and build connections that will hopefully last as long as The Videology Co. continues to exist. In doing so we will strengthen ourselves as a company and as individual artists, and more importantly, we will be able to establish ourselves in the community and start giving back in a meaningful way.

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