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Video offering idea: ‘pre-baked’ simulation debriefing materials

I’ve spend a bit of time volunteering in a couple of simulation labs. During those periods, I’ve noticed a few things, especially relating to the A/V side of things. Simulation has a number of issues in video. Particularly:

Learners are camera shy.

Sometimes (often?) they don’t do what you want them to.

The first is understandable. A student’s ‘teachable moment’ could be career trouble down the line. We all learn by making mistakes, and simulation labs have a duty to create a space where that learning can happen. Not everyone believes that “what happens in the sim center, stays in the sim center”, and there’s not much that instructors or administrators can say to change their minds.

And even when you can get them on camera, sometimes learners go off script. At one point, a scenario I was observing the ‘patient’ is nervous and requests to be more sedated. More sedation sets off a chain of events that brings us to the ‘lesson’ of the scenario.

Instead, the doctor said, in so many words, “just grit your teeth”. And so we went off script, and ended up with an unhappy mannequin, but an otherwise uneventful scenario.

And so hospitals and schools have to work around those concerns, and something we at TVC would be interested in working on.